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Central University of Odisha

The Central University of Odisha has been established by the Parliament under the Central Universities Act, 2009 (No. 3C of 2009). It is one of the 15 new Central Universities established by the Government of India during the UGC XI Plan period to address the concerns of "equity and access" and as per the policy of the Government of India to increase the access to quality higher education by people in less educationally developed districts which have a Graduate Enrollment Ratio of less than the national average of 11%. Koraput District of Odisha comes within the KBK region (Koraput, Bolangir and Kalahandi) which is still considered as an extremely as underdeveloped region of the State of Odisha .These three districts of the State are known for tribal culture, because majority of the people here belong to ST and SC categories. Since there is no University or any other national level educational set up in this region the Central University is proposed to be established here so that it may widen the access to quality higher education in the country.


To develop the Central University of Odisha as an avant-grade premier University of the new millennium with a world-ethos-driven higher education agenda.
To develop a University which strike a balance between teaching and scholarship and commitment to addressing society's educational, economic, and cultural challenges.
To develop the University with research as its flagship identity to foster, nurture and inculcate a research culture.
To collaborate/ forge academic alliance/partnership with flagship research institutes, universities and industries in India and abroad as envisaged in the UNESCO document.
To create skilled workforce which can erase the invariable divide between the rural and urban needs, between the needs of the home and overseas
To develop a knowledge base that brings a holistic balance between indigenous needs and that of global needs.


Provide quality education for all, so that we may fortify the backbone of the nation.
Disseminate 'inclusive education' to reach the unreached.
Advocate a wholesome symbiosis of the indigenous and the global scene.
Uphold a strongly grounded holistic worldview of the higher education.
Create a niche of its own.



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